And I Wander

The birds chirp at this side of the world. :)


* unless stated, all photos were taken from my travels *

Before Instagram… I had this. 🙂

Memories. Visual photography. Wonders of life. The world. Stillness. Miracles. Unspoken words. Robust. Nature. Beauty. Dimension. Colors. Travel. Paint. Circle. Cycle. Cypher. Grand scheme. Weaving. Conversations. Feed the mind. Eye candy. Feast. Celebration. Live. Laugh. Love.

my dream house. (photo from the internet)

What keeps me sane.

the literature God. yes I was feet away from him.

Always. Forever.

I am a wanderlust, both of this world, and in my mind. (photo from pinterest)

The Angel Oak Tree, est. 1400 years old. Hay. (photo from pinterest)


i want this downstairs, from my treehouse. 🙂 (photo from the internet)


Imagine waking up to this. My ideal driveway (between mountains)! Catalina Island, CA

Me time.

somehow, i always see myself like this.

Who I am now.

NO to a paperless society!

gift from a Kiwi friend. Kia Ora!

My wedding bouquet, came from our own garden. 🙂 6-11-11

Tsk. Tsk. (photo from the internet)

I can draw a star with even more than 8 lines!

a thousand year old Yew tree. i love trees. (photo from pinterest)

Facing the new year with mismatched socks. I’m ready 2012!

A luau birthday party. San Diego

Her eyes.

my boyfriend.

Even shadows cannot conceal happiness. La Jolla Shores, San Diego

Teppanyaki Father’s Day.

Fishes at Yamoto. Their names are Naruto, Ryu & Jin. 😀

My new bestfriend. That’s me on the cover. Haha. (The Spirit of Flight by Josephine Wall)

At first spin, I hit the jackpot yo! 😀

This was made of old soles, rubber balls, baseball gloves, etc. Awesome.

Even in it’s gloom, the energy is inescapable.

National Museum of the American Indian

Anti-social in Vegas.

Memorial for sled dogs. I love stories like this.

I am a Snake. And a Dragon in Chinese calendar… or is it?

Beach in the middle of the city! Harbor Place, Baltimore.

Lady Jelly Beans. NY NY, Las Vegas

Pirates in Baltimore!


I am naming my next child Mitakuye Oyasin.

My fave hair.

NBA 2K11. A test of patience. :p

I’ve been to the most classiest to dingiest hotel there is. But they all equal. What matters is the company you keep.

Mag-ama ko. 🙂

If only all our wounds could be healed in one washing of the sea.


Jesus is the Way.

One of our favorite animation of all time. 😉


My Spidey.

Feels more scary looking at it from here than when inside.

The amazing Kaos!

Always looked forward to this during Kaos.

MJ messages. Apollo Theater, NY

San Diego, CA


Melts in ya mouth!

Graffiti in Pasig.

His hands reaching out. 🙂

T’s birthday 1.

PCD concert.

I wonder how it would feel if we touch the lights.

T’s diaper cake from Bojoy.

Horse-drawn. 🙂

My home for a week. New York

Glow in the dark parteeeh.

Solvang, CA

Spidey’s tatay.


Asked Beans to take a photo of us, and this is what he took. My kili-kili!


Brown eyes.

Paradiso. Marinduque


Iisa ang pinanggalingan, iisa ang patutunguhan.

Open class.


Gawad Kalinga. One Up!

11:11. Always on my dashboard.


Tagaytay gig.

Princess meets prince.

Ain’t it colder when we are alone?

Best Christmas gift.


Card swiper in the cab.

Birthday ni Tala.

Nature meets art.

Train to Philly.


Distorted reality.

From the womb.

Sugar rush at Sneaker Box Jam.

Always a students.

Thor at Pacific Theater.

City Hall, Philadelphia


Washington DC subway.

Isn’t it nice not to have all those nasty billboards blocking the view?

Pas de dog. 🙂

One of ’em crazy signs from Sheena the Destroyer’s house party.

Graffiti along the walls of a community playground.

Site of the Tats Cru mural.


Zoe girl.

Hi. Are you lost?

View of the city from the Ripley-Grier Studio.

You had me at hello.

(from a blog) Little superstar. 🙂

Huskies go trick or treatin’, too.

Bandila… motorcade after we’ve won in 2006.


What I am not, she is–a fashionista.

(c) Tzyrrupy

They eat junk food, too.

Flight. Sta. Barbara beach



I have a thing for antiques & I like slot machines… so this is a treat!

Si Naomi pag pumuti… ndi bagay. 🙂 Black is beautiful.

WHHDC 2009.

Always beautiful, even when wasted.

Injured… but still rippin’ it.

Wanted: Pinay by Sheena.

Everyday, we passed by this shop & would ogle at this bag. If only I had the moolah!

Hello, Los Angeles.

Minneapolis, Minnesotta.

MN, the land of 10,000 lakes.

Loews Lake. Henderson, Nevada


WHHI 2009 was a mental battle for Maya.

Allen & Marcus.

(c) Tzyrrupy


(from the internet) I LOVE TREE HOUSES! This is a condo.

(c) Tzyrrupy

(c) Tzyrrupy

(c) Tzyrrupy

(c) Tzyrrupy

(c) Tzyrrupy

I miss them. Tristan & Boom Boom.


Oasis… Las Vegas, Nevada


Represent. World.

Baby Shower.

Bets for Pacman. Spidey won this!

Who says you need music to dance? This here makes me move!

Black ass.

Dashboard of a Pinoy in Vegas.

(from aibeengi) Warriors.

(photo by Jab) sundown in San Diego.

Behind each one are stories to tell our grandchildren.

You color my world.

Don’t we all feel alive?

Spic & span.

“Free your mind & your ass will follow”



JFK Iternational Hotel… coz plane left us.

Taipei 101

Real deal. Taipei, Taiwan

Central Park, NY

Spidey’s mark.

Bunga ng aming pawis at dugo. Allstars Danceschool

Guilty-ed pleasure. Yes this is my farm(ville)! 😉

Be heard.

A river in Georgetown, Washington DC.

(c) Tzyrrupy



  1. Another wow Ate Tzy! Pero pinaka gusto ko yung “you color my world”. Ang sweet! 🙂
    Sana mas marami pa! :))

    Comment by Alyssa Clenuar | May 14, 2011

  2. pinakagsto ko ung ” injured, but still rippin’ it ” :)))

    Comment by Anonymous | March 24, 2012

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