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I’ve stumbled upon this post about keeping tab of books read (The problem with writing …) & it made me remember how I have kept track of books I’ve read (& had backlogged) back in the days when all I ever did was dance & read/write (none of those managing a group, doing a lot of shows, training for battles, raising a kid & a boyfriend–hehe!–yet). I would devour words & letters & immortalize them in my Stradmore notebooks. I had 4 of them & brought only the first 2 here in the US. Rummaging through them is like walking down memory lane. It’s different from reading a journal/diary coz it’s like a scrapbook of all things that had mattered to me back then… when I had all the luxury of time to bring together all those notes & mementos that aided in my soul searching. And back when online blogging/scrapbooking wasn’t around yet.

My 1st & 2nd Stradmore notebooks. These are more valuable to me than my laptop.

Collage. Yes I had a huge crush on Joshua Jackson (Dawson’s Creek’s Pacey) & Rachael Leigh Cook. 😉

Doodles from old notebooks.

Newspaper cut-outs about the environment. (See how old those are!) LOVE MOTHER EARTH. 🙂

Tori Amos’ Introduction for one of Gaiman’s books.

A picture of the drawings on my wall. (“Everybody tells tales. It’s just the dead talk more quietly than other people.”–Death)

I forgot where I first saw this. I’ve been researching for whoever said these words, but for naught. (If anyone could tell me who quoted this, it’d be awesome!)

“There are some people who meet that somebody that they can never stop loving, no matter how hard they try. I wouldn’t expect you to understand that, or even believe it, but we should all be lucky to end up with that somebody who has a little of that insanity. Somebody who never lets go. Somebody who cherishes you forever.” –Ally McBeal

Some reads from an old friend Celine E. 🙂

Some of my favorited quotes.

Kahlil Gibran

Left-hand writing & drawing. (I am a righty)

I’ve always loved writing in different directions.

A collection of Conrado de Quiros’ column from the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

For the record: I was a latebloomer in both dance & writing. Here was a letter I sent, when I was 24, to “Ask Aunt Webby” about learning how to write which was published on Pacific’s site. Hahaha! And so from there, I bought books & magazines about fiction & scriptwriting… and was able to write a few. :p

Even then, I have hated technology.

Why? According to my younger self:
–coz of things that are in the brink of extinction, [being]vintage, antique, relic, fossils.
–you will never appreciate an antique ebook (I have foreseen ebooks 12 years ago!). so what if your ebook has been in your hard drive since 1998?
–will your cellphone have a higher value in 5 years?
–can you sell your PS2 for P24,000 next year?
–can you say “She has aged gracefully” to a surgically beautiful woman?

History of Literature, a lecture from my friend Che

Random fact: I had a huge high school crush on Gio Alvarez & I have kept his autograph… from 16 years ago! 🙂

My college friend, Marla, introduced me to the greatest poet of all time, Pablo Neruda. She gave me this English copy of Puedo Escribir & I have saved it both in my notebook & in my memory.


The other great MJ in our lives: Michael Jordan 🙂

Anne Rice’s “Memnoch” is the first book I’ve read where I’ve jotted down in my notebook all my favorite passages.

Notes from Paolo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”

Notes from classic literatures like “Catcher in the Rye” by JD Salinger

Notes on Alan Lightman’s “Einstein’s Dreams”

…of course, Calvin & Hobbes!

List of some of the books I’ve read.

A poem written by my soul bro, Choie Martinez.

I collected short stories about Unicorns, & this is one of my favorites.

One of my writing exercises! And “Power of 2” guitar chords above. 🙂

A newspaper article about Neil Gaiman coming to the Philippines! (Yes I was subscribed to Inquirer before. I would read every issue from cover to cover.)

I write everywhere. I had a lot of these little notes tucked inside.

I love learning different languages & dialects!

Notes from one of the books that kind of defined me back then.

I love this article from Isagani Cruz, “Why Write Poetry?” This is one of the reasons why I wanted to write all the way to old age.

I’ve also done some research on dance! How studious! Haha!

There are still sooo much in those notebooks like quotes from movies I’ve watched, song lyrics, stories or ideas for novel I dreamed of writing, birthdays, even names of every student I have ever taught! Oh my, was I a writing addict… It’s so sad that Facebook, iphones or well, any other technological advancements have almost taken that away from me… or from the youth for that matter. They say that, hey this is the kind of generation that they were born to. They just gotta put up with that. But I believe it’s still up to the parents. They can balance it out–they could allow the kids to have access to what’s right there in front of them, and then expose them, too, to things like handwriting, pastel coloring, climbing trees, making bubbles from soap & gumamela, reading newspapers, books, (list goes on, depending on your background). 😛

Anyway, I am so excited about making more Stradmore memories now that I have more time to write (pen-&-paper-write) here in the ‘Merica. And when Tala grows older, I will inspire her to do the same (which is not very far from happening as I see her more inclined to hold a pen/paint brush than an iphone now)

And as for keeping track of books read… I can finally get back to it. Though, it is so unfortunate that I have left a huge backlog of books back in Manila coz I couldn’t bring them with me. Oh well, I can always read them when & if I decide to settle down there.


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  1. Tzy, I love you. I love what’s inside your head that your wrote almost a history! Keep up the nice, awesome and marvelous job in writing. I hope you could publish a book! :))

    Comment by alyssa clenuar | April 3, 2011

  2. Awww Alyssa thanks so much! Thanks for always appreciating whatever I do & I love you too for that. 🙂 Well, that has always been a dream (publish a book). I can get at it maybe when I’m 40 haha!

    Comment by calvinswife | April 3, 2011

  3. Kahit isang libro lang about sa napaka-weird na life mo ate tzy na 100 pages lang, ok na yun! Babasahin ko talaga….

    I hope I could see new vids of you dancing again!

    Comment by alyssa clenuar | April 4, 2011

  4. Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. ~William Wordsworth~

    Bagay sa iyo Tzy! Greetings from Jeddah, KSA! (nette)

    Comment by Anonymous | May 1, 2011

  5. Thank you Nette! I love it. ❤

    Comment by calvinswife | May 9, 2011

  6. How could have I forgotten that you love to write? Gio Alvarez…your major crush way back in HS and college (at ako si T.L., hahaha). You forgot to mention yung kamukha ni Maning sa Streetboys, At super crush ko rin si Joshua Jackson! E-Heads…oh my patay na patay tayo dun di ba? Halos bumaliktad ang mga bra at panty natin when they had a small concert sa Miriam (ay teka sa Miriam ba yun? Na confused na yata ako).

    I miss our college days. I miss you Tzy. -hugs-

    Comment by Ira Martin | May 15, 2012

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