And I Wander

The birds chirp at this side of the world. :)


A collection of youtube videos of myself, my group, and my fam—all through these years.

Tala’s make-up video

Tala’s 1st dance video

2006 World Hip Hop Championships (Redondo Beach, CA)

One of my most memorable years–with Allstars

Gimme That piece–when the girls were still “girls” :))

Pepsi TVC (the 2nd girl who screamed was me. :)))

Nestea Fit TVC

Tala eatin’ like a pup :))

8mo old Tala dancing to Beat It

Smart Teksakto TVC with Mother Cristine Blando

Tzy learning flips!

Mainit music video

One of my very RARE interview (with Chelo) :))

Classic Allstars

Esplanade, Singapore

In a class

Party Pilipinas (Sayaw Republic) 4:50

Party Pilipinas (Opening–Halloween)

TFC features Allstars


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