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[TzyTale] Akion 1

It is midnight in a dark musty alley where silence sits like a king
perched on his throne. At this ungodly hour, any conspicuous sound
or movement will be drowned by the one who holds the reign. 

Slowly, it is broken by a sound of a set of footsteps... and another.
Silence is then shattered by a scream, followed by a muffled voice of
a man. Then silence prowls the night again.

* * *

Ankatch is a town with a mere population of 250. It is situated in
the middle of somewhere, 200 miles south of nowhere. In so little town
as Ankatch, any peculiar event that has happened is bound to traverse
the ears of each of its dwellers, including the walls of their abodes.

"Sopheea was abducted last night!" a woman selling crystals relates
to her costumer.

"I heard. A note was sent to the mayor about a ransom, but it wasn't
specified. I just can't fathom what would anyone need from her. She's
just a peasant," answers a distinguish looking lady as she examines a
feather shaped crystal.

"I know! The mayor speculates that the abductor... or kidnapper might
have come from another town."

"But that'd be ridiculous, don't you think? Who'd do that? One would
have to sleep for 8 days & dream 18 dreams to come here. Our last
visitor, if I may recall, was from 24 decades ago... And for what?
Sopheea has no other property than that thing her mom gave her before
she died," the lady says as she runs her tiny fingers from the edges
of the feather crystals.

The merchant furrows her brows, then asks, "What, that thing with
the weird looking-black stone?"

"Precisely!" the lady says as she digs her right hand in her purple
purse. She hands a gold coin to the merchant. 

"You know," she adds, placing the feather in her bag, "I've always
wondered about that ring. I mean, a dried elephant eye would look
even more comely than that ring-stone. Might have a familial value to
that girl. It was the only thing that was bequeathed to her. That I 
can understand. What I don't get is if that would be the reason for 
her abduction at all."

(to be continued)

September 9, 2010 - Posted by | fiction |

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  1. is screaming for MORE! =) can’t wait to read whats next.

    Comment by katrinaguzon | October 19, 2010

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