And I Wander

The birds chirp at this side of the world. :)



Sometimes beaches get overrated (well, at least sa utak ko lang), and I’d crave for the silence & naturesque beauty of the mountains & cliffs. The view of/from their top always overwhelms me, almost to the point of an out-of-body experience.

I mean look at this. I bumped into this photo on the ‘net. Isn’t it breathtaking?

If there’s one place in the Philippines that I’d wanna go back to, it’s Sagada. I say, everyone should visit it at least once in their lives.

I’d want to walk the whole day, trek its mountains & explore its beautiful caves again.

Nakakamiss. It was like I was a different person when I got there. I think it’s because it was so hard to get there, as perilous as going thru Mordor to Mt. Doom. Hahaha! Well, I was exaggerating. Though it really felt like that. The driver of the jeepney that took us there was like sooo insane! Maybe he got his driving training from Manila coz there were times when we would almost fall from the steep, tricky roads & fall off to nowhere. Nakakaloka.

But upon getting there, I’d forgot I’d ever taken that ride in my life. I wouldn’t be able to put it into words coz the experience of being right there is just so magical. It was like I was taken to another period in time. And the people, especially the igorots, they looked so different! They were actually beautiful! I even noticed their rosy cheeks & stress-free aura, kahit yung mga travel guides namin na nognog! Hehehe!

But yea, I’d find a way to go back there.

I’d also want to go see that Grand Canyon & Yellowstone River view (photo above) & be taken out of my breath. Even if that will be my last. 😀


October 27, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, nature, travels


  1. Ang ganda nung cave parang sa loob ng bituka ng tao na umiinom ng tubig…. =>

    Comment by mark | October 27, 2008

  2. busy? dati every week my bgo kang blog ah.. wla lng. sarap kc basahin ng blog mo eh. =>

    Comment by mark | November 3, 2008

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