And I Wander

The birds chirp at this side of the world. :)


walking down the street of ambitions
a life of tinkering was formed
lost in sideshows that kept the mind wandering
and my underbelly’s cracklin’ like a storm

i see a shadow coming out now & then
of someone who’s face i used to breath into
so near yet so far, sauntering over other shadows
never promising, but giving sweet innuendos

at his prime he is on the verge
of wating one & wanting all
each one a discovery but never a conquest
each one’s dutifully at his beck and call

beauties of different languages, colors & scents
different levels of mental exchanges
some keeps him seated for hours & hours
and some are only too good for a cent’s
…worth in bed.

i turn the corner & i find another shadow
a stranger,
but someone i’ve felt like i’ve known all my life
familiar stranger

he sits on the grass undisturbed & at peace
he has this way about him that makes me absorbed out of my mind
even the slightest shuffling of his feet & the space where our eyes meet
can be the stuff of fairy tale books, the most impervious ones i’ll ever find

i stare & stare, finding myself wanting to accost
but i couldn’t
there’s this part that feels that I will forever break him
if i wanted it
so for a while i just stared & stared & watched & learned
until he went away… and i was changed,
mind, body & spirit.

daybreak is nigh and i sauntered on fast
silence spoke more & darkness seemed to bow low
i see shadows going around, going up & down, going home
the sun peaks from behind the clouds looking down below

there was only one shadow i could see,
a familiar one
fair, beautiful and serene
i look for others like it, i found none

suddenly there’s this sense of peace & tranquility
that carried each of my steps & embraced me in a singsong journey
i walk on not wanting to get down
lost in this ambition i cover myself with this crown


August 15, 2008 - Posted by | attempt at poetry, introspect

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